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About Us: The Fabled Tale

A long time ago, four guys, living in New York, started this site dedicated to those who love burgers (the kind you eat, not the kind Theo Huxtable talks about), inspired by a visit to JG Melon.  Since then, times have changed, people have come and gone, and arteries have gotten slightly more clogged.

But the blog lives on, as I, the burgerblogger, aka burgerboy, keep it going, spilling my guts of anything food-related I find interesting.  Enjoy, and thanks for coming.

I’ve also heard from a frustrated reader that there isn’t a section for you guys to rant like I do.  So here it is, my comments and suggestions page.

Here are some do’s and don’ts:


– “Hey burgerblogger! Love the blog, can’t wait to read it every time I get one of your updates on twitter!  You rock.  And you’re probably really hot.”

– “Yo BB, you gotta check out the burger at Joe’s burgershack in Flushing.  Be sure to ask Norm for some extra char.  You da man!”

– “Hi BB.  You should check out to the Grey Monkey farm stand in Ft. Greene– they have figs.  I love you, but not in a creepy stalker way.”


– “You suck.”

– “I can see you– nice shirt.  Look outside, lover, I’m waiting for you.”

Got it?  Now lay it on me.

Email us: burgerboy@bloggingforburgers.com