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Bo Bo Chicken: RIP, Herbert

The day came, when my spoils from the recent New Amsterdam Market would be fully realized.  Tonight, it was time for the Bo Bo young chicken to meet its fate.  Well, I guess it had already met its fate, but it was time to meet a new, tastier fate.  The silky chicken is still in the freezer, waiting to say hello to the oven.  Question, though– how am I going to know if the silky chicken is cooked?  I mean, the meat is black, so what color are the juices?

Anyway, it was time for some roast chicken.  I pulled it out of the chicken, knowing that some preparations would need to be made.  The “buddhist style” chicken come complete with head and feet, as I had already mentioned in a previous post.  Since I don’t have a cleaver, I knew that this could be tough to negotiate.

So I pulled him out of his little plastic cocoon, and he looked me in the eye:


I named him Herbert.  Herbert also left his shoes on when he came from the fridge, so from behind he looked like this:


Then I attacked him with a knife.  It was easier than I expected, but I wrangled his feet off and hacked off his head like a cold-hearted criminal.  It actually wasn’t that bad.  But bone sure is tough to cut through.  As a reward for his patience, I rubbed him down with some frozen pesto that I had made a few months back.  I threw some basil leaves and a few cloves of fresh garlic in his “cavity” (which, as I found out later, had the kidneys wedged in there, which I think actually gave the meat some mineral-y flavor).  I sprinkled some kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper on him, gave him a little glug of olive oil, and popped him into a pre-heated 425 degree oven.

About 30 minutes into the process, he was getting a deep amber tan.  He looked like one of those lovely ladies from the jersey shore.


His little hotbox was browning him nicely.  I was really happy with how the skin was getting nice and crispy, and the fat running out of him was pure and clear.  I felt good about this little chicken, even if he had listened to belle and sebastian during his final hours.  About a half-hour later, he was ready to get out of the tanning bed and into my belly.


BEEEEA-UTIFUL.  Let’s have a moment of silence for Herbert.  He was a simple chicken, and he led a simple life.  He got a simple roasting.  And he was simply delicious.

BG made a little Isreaeli couscous with eggplant and basil to accompany Herbert – they make a lovely pair, don’t you think?


Herbert the Chicken
Courtesy of Bo Bo Chicken
Chez Bugerboy
8.63 out of 7 cows.

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  • Amanda

    This is not a silky chicken? The skin should be much much darker. and the silky chickens have an extra toe on each foot.

    • burgerboy

      You are correct, this is not a silkie chicken. It is a regular young chicken from Bo Bo chicken. The silky chicken is still in burgerboy’s freezer, waiting to be cooked.

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