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Adventures in the kitchen: Simple french toast.

The best thing about this internet thingy is that I can perfectly contradict myself and there’s no one to stop me.  So after yesterday’s post about food crawls, I will make a 180-degree turn and talk about spending more time in the kitchen.  And I’m going to provide what should be the first of many recipes so easy a guy can do them in a pretty typical New York City apartment.

You see, I have recently joined the ranks of the unemployed, and soon I will return to the academic world in pursuit of higher income, I mean, higher intellectual exploits.  While this is going to be awesome, it is also going to put a real damper on my restaurant consumption.

And by “damper,” I mean, pretty much “eliminate.”

So this is a great opportunity to refine some of my skills in the kitchen.  It will afford me the time to make things from scratch, and making things from scratch will more importantly be affordable in my new tax bracket.

The bulk bins at Fairway are my new best friends.

From that, you all are going to see a slew of posts dedicated to “adventures in ___ making.”  It has started with pizza, but look forward to some new ones featuring topics such as ice cream and bread.  And a few more step-by-steps than before.  And hopefully more tantalizing food pictures.

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