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Ramps. They're back.

“Dis-moi ce que tu manges et je te dirai qui tu es.”

If Brillat-Savarin’s old adage is true, then consider me a ramp for the next month or so.  For all of my readers on the East Coast, GO GET SOME.  For those of you that are elsewhere, sorry, you are pretty much out of luck.  Imagine the taste of a scallion, then add in the aroma of garlic and you’re just beginning to understand the flavor of the ramp.  They have just arrived in NYC, so get to the farmer’s market early if you want to even have the opportunity to try them out.

Some of my favorite applications include:

– Pickled ramps: So easy, but so tasty.  On sandwiches, on burgers, on hot dogs, by themselves.

– Pasta: Add a little extra garlic, sauté the bulbs up with some of the greens, add in the breadcrumbs for some texture, and toss with spaghetti.  You’re singing.

– Soups: Chiffonade some of the leaves and add to soup for a subtle aromatic, and add some sautéed bulbs for some extra flavor.

I’m sure there are a million other things you can do with them, and all of them will be equally delicious.  Do yourselves a favor and just get some.  You’ll know what I’m talking about afterwards.

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