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Restaurants of the future? WSJ Reports.

In an article featured in Friday’s WSJ, they discuss José Andrés’ newest restaurant in Beverly Hills, and how its key attributes may or may not be the trends of the future.  Interesting weekend read for all of y’all who are interested in the restaurant business.

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  • uberchef

    hmph. Who cares if it’s a fad? Consistently packed restos that fetch $96.44 p/p located in Beverly Hills likely bang out a very healthy biz to say the least. A guy like Andres is making bank these days not just on his restaurants, but he’s blowing up the spot with his Iberico ham exports as well…bravo Jose, killing it in the kitchen and beyond.

    If I ever make it back to La La, sign me up for a fois gras cotton candy or two 🙂

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