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When pigs fly, they soar.

Settling down from a weekend filled with football and business school applications and babies, in whatever order you please.  Fantasy football is such a mixed bag this season, and my squads have been suffering from a general lack of attention on their coach’s part.  But alas, I digress.

I did some solid eating this weekend, from two of my favorite sources: burgergal and the flying pigs farm.

Flying pigs farm piggies.

On Friday night, after a long week slaving away at the office, BG treated me to a turkey meatloaf.  I treated both of us to a bottle of wine.  The meatloaf was great– sauteed mushrooms, fresh breadcrumbs made from the guys at not just rugelach, sauteed leeks, and some fontina cheese.  The cheese really added in a great earthiness that probably would have been missing since it was turkey meatloaf and not beef.  I’m not sure where she got the recipe, but just throw “turkey meatloaf fontina” into the google or the bing and see what happens.  I made a little root vegetable puree, since they are all showing up at the farmer’s markets these days.  All in all, a great weekend.

On Saturday, we headed out to the BK to visit the newest member of the b4b family– li’l G.  Once he gets teeth and starts eating solid food and is able to speak, he’ll be a regular contributor to the blog.  His favorite burger is at shake shack, but mostly because he likes their onesies.

Anyway, we took some Jane’s So Sweet Italian sausages out there, which we had purchased from the Flying Pigs Farm at the Union Square market last weekend, and they were awesome.  First of all, I have never seen so much fat render out of a pork sausage.  Those guys are doing something right with these pigs (actually, I think it’s that others are doing something wrong), and the quality of the meat is a testament to that.  Their breakfast sausage is also great.  We did that up with onions grilled in the pork fat (how could you go wrong?) and a salad with fresh figs, tomatoes, and blue cheese.  BG rocked the dressing, and we had some leftover meatloaf, which was just as good on the second day.  All in all, a great saturday afternoon.

Yesterday I hung out in my batcave for most of the day, but did manage to get out to the UWS farmer’s market, which I had never really been to before.  It had a pretty solid showing, so I was happy, since I needed some supplies.  I bought some of the usual things, fingerlings, tomatoes, not just rugelach bread, and then I got suckered into some bacon from the Tamarack Hollow Farm.  It was pretty pricey, but I guess quality bacon is always pricey.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’ll be sure to report how it compares to my peeps at the Flying Pigs.

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