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Oh mein gut!

Das schnitzel has taken over my belly like a blitzkrieg.  BG told me the schnitzel truck was in my ‘hood so I had to get some pounded out fried goodness.  Being that i’m on a health kick, after reading about Wylie Dufresne’s self-restraint, I decided to go with some chicken schnitzel with sides of Austrian potato salad and sauerkraut.

The platter arrives like this:

Schitzel truck lunch at my desk

mmm, schnitzelly

It’s pretty simple, like all good austrian gut-busting food should be.  I didn’t see any lingonberry jam, but I won’t hold it against them.  Did you know that in Austria, the term “wiener schnitzel” is protected by law and has to be made of veal to be called that?

Anyway, it’s the best thing i’ve gotten from a truck in a few weeks, except for myflat screen tv that fell off the back of  a truck.  Check it out.

Schnitzel Truck
Moves around-  find their location on twitter

Mantao "Burger": Quotes necessary

The burgerboy works in midtown Manhattan, and has been frequenting the relatively new Mantao shop on 53rd street between 2nd and 3rd avenues.  Now, I am not about to get into a full review of the lunch spot, I’ll leave that to the experts over at serious eats and midtown lunch.  However, since they do feature a “burger” on the menu, I felt it should be included within my purview.

I went in the other day, and I had my sights set on the burger.  I had eaten a few of their tasty little gems before, but the burger had always managed to stay under my radar.

Until last Wednesday.

I got the angus beef burger with spicy sambal sauce.  I had a feeling that the sambal sauce wasn’t going to be spicy enough for my taste, so I rocked a side of kim chi with it.  (NB, I also got the braised pork sandwich with pickled cucumber– delicious).

I took my first bite of the burger, not really knowing what to expect.  It was, um, good?

To be honest, I don’t really know how to feel about the whole experience.  I LOVE mantao bread, first of all.  The steamy pockets of goodness, with their slight bite and doughy centers really get me going.  If I had to name the perfect vessel for sweet and salty flavor, it would be mantao bread.  The burgerboy is going to Momofuku Ssam for a bo ssam tomorrow and I am going to stuff my face with them.

But I digress.

The burger was a bit disappointing, to say the least.  The small patty was a bit pathetic, given the majestic mantao bread pocket made for it.  As expected, the sambal sauce was but an afterthought on the overcooked grey patty.  I added the kim chi, which helped perk it up a bit, but I was still left wanting more.  And not more of the burger.

When heading to Mantao, stick with the braised pork, spicy pork, or short rib.